Zoom doesn't keep viewport

  1. Go to https://nyxt.atlas.engineer/documentation
  2. Click on section link “Built-in REPL”
  3. Zoom in (Ctrl-+ for me)

Now the section I’m interested in isn’t visible anymore. I have to scroll down to find it again. But it’s not obvious in which direction I have to search for it.

It’s not that bad when you are on a section closer to the top. Then the header moves a bit but stays visible. Then at least I know that I have to scroll down a little bit.

Is this a bug? I couldn’t find a matching issue on GitHub.

I don’t think it qualifies as a bug. This behaviour is observed in all browsers (try it on Wikipedia on any browser).

OK, I should have mentioned that I tried the same in Firefox. Here, the text also moves while zooming. But the “Built-in REPL” section stays in the viewport. It looks like the scroll position is corrected.

On my Firefox version, the section doesn’t stay in viewport.