Why is it failing to create the shader cache?

I get like many of these messages on startup. I'm on NixOS using Flatpak.

Failed to create /home/b0ef/.var/app/engineer.atlas.Nyxt/cache for shader cache (No such file or directory)---disabling.

First of all, great username. Second of all does it have the permissions for that directory? That is probably the reason!

If you delete ~/.var/app/engineer.atlas.Nyxt/cache/mesa_shader_cache/ and start Nyxt via flatpak you'll see that the mesa_shader_cache directory is created, so it is a bit odd.

Yes, I've deleted the whole cache directory and it recreates it on startup, but still gives that message

I experience frequent freezes, so that's why I wanted to remove all errors and warnings, as a primary troubleshooting step.

@daltor you may give this suggestion a try - Consistent Hang With `search-auto-complete t` · Issue #3401 · atlas-engineer/nyxt · GitHub.