Vim keys, init.lisp

Hello for a couple days nyxt will not load the vim setup on init.lisp I see no errors
This is using main branch.

(define-configuration buffer
		        ((default-modes (append '(nyxt/vi-mode:vi-normal-mode) %slot-default%))))	
(define-configuration  prompt-buffer
		        ((default-modes (append '(nyxt/vi-mode:vi-normal-mode) %slot-default%))))

What has changed?

We’ve moved the configuration file on latest master to config.lisp to comply with xdg specifications. We’ll update the documentation soon to reflect that! If you re run the common settings page I think you should be able to set those things again!


Hello, Thanks and great, seens like a good move, specially for us that use complex dotfile managers and requiere some wording like config and config.*


No problem, we are happy to prrrrrovide :slight_smile: