Sly + Deb: I cannot use quicklisp?!

Hi, I have been trying out Sly instead of Slime because of Swank cannot be connected to from the .deb · Issue #1632 · atlas-engineer/nyxt · GitHub (i.e., I would like to use Nyxt from a binary installation with a working swank or slynk server).
When I try to load slynk (the server sly relies on to connect with Nyxt), QuickLisp refuses me.
Ideally I would like to do,

(load "~/quicklisp/setup.lisp")
(ql:quickload :slynk)

But if I try that, I get something like “Can’t create directory /home/runner” and :slynk is not recognized as an available system.
I have just tried the 2.1.1 download for Ubuntu :stuck_out_tongue:
The Guix version works with that.

Any idea why this is not working? Anybody using a .deb and Sly? Maybe you, @ambrevar ?

I’m a bit surprised that slynk works for the guix packaged nyxt, the build script just has swank included. I thought it was a different issue and didn’t check it, my bad.

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No problem, indeed I have to install slynk with quicklisp. The issue is that does not seem to work with binary distributions of Nyxt :stuck_out_tongue:

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lol I created an issue for this: Install/setup quicklisp from .deb binary requires /home/runner directory · Issue #1750 · atlas-engineer/nyxt · GitHub