Set the home-page

Maybe too simple a question but how do I set the home page in my config?

Here’s a snippet:

  #+nyxt-2 buffer
  #+nyxt-3 browser
  ((default-new-buffer-url (quri:uri ""))))

Beware that in 2.* the first buffer opened is an internal one, and it cannot open external links (like the one in the example), so you’d have to hack up some custom home page based on lisp: URLs or bear with the fact that the first buffer is unchangeable.

All the #+nyxt-X business is because we moved the default-new-buffer-url to browser in the upcoming 3.0. This snippet will work in both 2.* and 3.* due to reader macros :star_struck:


What are these constructs called in common lisp?


I’ve seen them before in code that chooses between a different common lisp implementation.

Those are reader macros and they are hella convenient for conditional compilation :slight_smile: