Nyxt with Gecko

I’m an emacs user and I love the idea of this project. But I’m concerned about web engine diversity and I use the only viable alternative to Google’s empire out there: Firefox and Firefox based browsers (GNU Icecat mainly).

I’d love to use Nyxt but I’m not using anything using Google’s or Apple’s web engine. So seeing a version using Gecko would be fantastic.

Idk how difficult it would be but since Nyxt claims to be web engine agnostic, I hope to see a Gecko version soon. That would be a killer feature for me. I’d move to Nyxt immediately and I’m sure that a lot of people in the free software community are in the same situation.

PS. Even without a Gecko version I really appreciate your work and I must say that a browser extensible in common lisp is the wet dream of every emacs hacker.


Hello friendly emacs user! Welcome!

I would love to make a Gecko engine version of Nyxt, unfortunately it is incredibly difficult. Embedded Gecko used to be a project, but is no longer supported.

We’ve also explored Servo, which is very cool and fast, but also very fast to crash! Hopefully soon enough we can make your dream reality!

Thanks again for the kind words of support! Sorry I don’t have better news!


Hey, I am a totally new to browser engines, but I was wondering if you have some reference on what this entails?
I guess that if you want to make this project scale, we need to make very accessible for the community to pick this sort of stories. Even to make them easier to act upon (with tutorials, docs, refactoring that make contribution easier).

I’m not sure I could explain in a forum post. Writing the documentation to make web engines would be pretty difficult. A good place to start would be looking in browser.lisp, the ffi-* methods need to be implemented by a new renderer.

A lot of the documentation already in the codebase is quite good. There is of course room to go with regards to code organization, but we are getting there! Is there something in particular you find challenging?

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Thanks, I will peek in the code then! I wanted just to get an idea of what kind of challenge that was. I will certainly ask more here as soon as I have a clear question!

Great, I look forward to it! :slight_smile: