Nyxt with Emacs EXWM and browse-kill-ring

First, Thanks a lot for the emacs-mode. Nyxt is the only external browser that pasting work as intended with C-y when copying something from Emacs with EXWM :+1:

However, im a browse-kill-ring user. Its very handy to be able to paste previous copied text.
And that unfortunately it does not work. Copying text from Nyxt does not show up in the browse-kill-ring.
Same when trying to paste some text from the browse-kill-ring to Nyxt, it does not work.

Another thing that I’ve noticed.
Enabling emacs-mode does not take affect in the execute-command minibuffer. C-y does not work. And of course browse-kill-ring doesnt work either. Only mouse-2 does work :confused:

Interesting. Pierre is also a EXWM user perhaps he has some idea @ambrevar .

With regards to C-y not working, I just recently patched that, it should work now! :slight_smile:

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Cool! I discovered that the <menu> key also act as a mouse-2. That’s a good workaround.

Great! That’s a good news :partying_face:

Ok, I just found out that exwm-input-send-next-key allows me to send any keys to the client window. Therefore, with "C-c\C-q" (default key-bind) then that allows me to ctrl+v in the execute-command mini-buffer :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, I have never used browse-kill-ring, I don’t know.
I’ll try it out when I find the time.