Nyxt support on RDE

A few months back, I merged a Nyxt home service and a feature into RDE, so if you’re into Guix and want a more batteries-included Nyxt configuration feel free to try it out and give us any feedback.

There are currently three “-xyz” features for it: feature-nyxt-userscript, feature-nyxt-blocker, and feature-nyxt-nx-search-engines. Contributions for more features are welcome!

I’m currently using this in my dotfiles repository, just grep for “nyxt”.


Thanks for sharing @incandescent!

Wow, that’s a lot of work :exploding_head: I’m extremely glad that nx-search-engine is useful enough to include it there!

And what’s nx-mosaic? It’s not on our extension list, so I’m curious :smiley:

Thanks! It’s just some toy code I threw around to try and build a new-buffer page that resembles Tabliss. Not sure what direction I want it to take yet

It already looks quite cool! Once you’re satisfied with it, how about contributing in to Nyxt? Our built-in dashboard could certainly use some improvement :upside_down_face:

This is the kind of super cool stuff I like to see people doing with Nyxt, inspiring :slight_smile: