Nyxt: first impression (installation instructions were wrong)


I joined the forum here after finding installation instructions inadequate. These three lines:

As instructions were wrong, I figured things out for myself (through use of pkg-provides(8), guesswork and so on.

Later, I found dependencies documented, and so on.

I reckon, INSTALL should lose the three/four lines, which are not universally applicable; instead, INSTALL should direct readers to README.org. Thoughts?

Hello, sorry for the trouble that you have had! Are you saying that make all does not work on FreeBSD?

True; https://github.com/atlas-engineer/nyxt#user-content-install-nyxt and the subsequent section (in one of two README.org files) refer to:

– that is, a separate README.org file, where Using the Makefile shows the requirement for gmake.

(make does not work.)

Commit edcb20c481a25f20ebc3a3283980920e2624375e line 150 listed a few packages but not gmake.

(Sorry, limited to two links.)