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Tags: statistics, engineering.

Wild tool use in primates is a known phenomenon, yet remains poorly documented to this day. Like the great apes of central Africa, which are known to fashion tools for foraging and self-defense, the computer programmer maintains a collection of tools and practices for their daily survival. One of these important tools is the Internet browser and its associated extensions.

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Wasn't able to participate in the survey but this extension, Spaces*, was invaluable when I needed to do focused and ongoing research on various topics. It provided the ability to setup windows as workspaces that kept pinned and regular tabs from the last time you opened the workspace each workspace had it's own history. I'm sure something like this is doable natively in Nyxt.

*Caveats: Currently abandon-ware and dean did sneaky sell one of his other extensions to a company that turned in into malware.

@Thovthe Thanks for the feedback!