Is there a way to add/import multiple feeds from an OPML file?

Instead of adding feeds one-by-one (which is tedious when one has hundreds of sources), there there a way to import a list of sources? eg: import an whole OPML file, or modify some config variable and paste in a list of strings? Thanks!

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Not yet, but that is a good idea! Thank you! We’ll see what we can do!


It is now possible in the latest version of Demeter (0.1.0), we have published it, and you can download it now! (Please note, we have not yet published an article announcing its release).

Thank you for your patience!


Just wanted to chime in here that I could successfully import an OPML after downloading the latest version of Demeter :+1:

Another observation: When importing an OPML I saw the following prompt for input a few times which really confused me:

After a little debugging, here’s my hypothesis:
The OPML (exported from Feedly, in this case) contains metadata-like lines with no URL (wrapping a list of feeds under a topic) eg:

        <outline text="Science" title="Science">
            <outline type="rss" text="inspirehep" title="inspirehep" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
        <outline text="math blogs" title="math blogs">
            <outline type="rss" text="Math ∩ Programming" title="Math ∩ Programming" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>

I wonder whether Nyxt might be interpreting those dummy <outline ...> lines as a prompt to add-rss-feed and requesting the user to input one – which would explain the prompt I got.

BTW, I don’t know whether this legitimate OPML formatting, or an abuse by Feedly – so there might be nothing for Nyxt to fix, but I just wanted to share what I observed and confirm the hypothesis (esp. in case somebody else is surprised/confused by the same behavior).