Invader Theme and Nyxt 3

This is my first post. I recently discovered Nyxt, looking for an alternative mouse-less browser for emacs. I am deeply impressed with Nyxt and its configuration options, so, first a big thanks to all developpers!

Here is my question: am I right that the Invader theme is still for Nyxt version 2, as written in invader.asd?

A few more details: the configuration found in of the invader extension to be put into my config file doesn't seem to work for my version 3-prerelease-3. Nyxt is not restarting correctly: two windows are opened, one of which is blank and it is not possible to switch to the new theme.

@Karokann thanks for the interest!

The invader theme is meant for Nyxt version 3, so the information at invader.asd must be a mistake. CC @jmercouris.

I'd recommend updating to the latest Nyxt version (3.10.0) since those pre-releases are rather experimental. If the issue persists, we'll look deeper at it.

Thank you @aadcg for guiding me. Now everything works like a charm.

I followed your advice: I am running now Nyxt version 1.10.0. I also changed the Nyxt version number in invader.asd to 3.

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I've updated the version of the Invader theme within the ASD in the source code. Will deploy a new version shortly.

New version now deployed.

Thank you

I have updated to the new version.

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