How to enable cross site tracking?

Is there a way to enable cross site tracking in nyxt like this url diddisable prevent cross site tracking on Mac OS and on iOS.

Trying to create an automatic script in a web game, whose login page needs this.
I googled this, there is little information about doing it in nyxt.

Not sure what you are asking, I wish I could help!

Like this one on safari.
Uncheck the Prevent cross-site tracking check box.

I see what you want. There’s no easy toggle for that in Nyxt yet. I’ll go and make one for the next release. In the meantime, you can put this into your config file to disable the tracking prevention:

(let ((old-make-data-manager #'nyxt::make-data-manager))
  (setf (symbol-function 'nyxt::make-data-manager)
        (lambda (buffer)
          (let ((manager (funcall old-make-data-manager buffer)))
            (webkit:webkit-website-data-manager-set-itp-enabled manager nil)

Done: Enable Intelligent Tracking Prevention in reduce-tracking-mode only. · atlas-engineer/nyxt@fc39a0d · GitHub.

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I’ll try that.

Have been logged in successfully.
The game forbids browsers which has “safari” in its UserAgent string or has inspector opened from loggin in, so I used the bookmarklet command mannually call the login javascript function.

Thanks for your help!

Today I learned (well, realized) that one can surpass Safari-preventing mechanisms using JavaScript. After all, it’s all JavaScript now xD

Thanks for pointing that issue out, I wanted to fix it ever since we started using Intelligent Tracking Prevention!