How is command repeat-key supposed to work?

I assumed that it would work like the emacs or vi key prefix, but that does not seem to be the case, or have I misunderstood something.

I assumed that in for example vi-normal-mode I could enter 9j to move 9 lines down.
In emacs-mode that would be M-9 C-n

It is not a prefix key, it is supposed to work by invoking the command, and then specifying the keybinding to repeat.

For example, you can type in:

M-x repeat-key and then you’ll be prompted for an integer, then you press a keybinding, and it will repeat it.

Not sure why it isn’t working on my machine either :smiley:

@jmercouris what you have described is correct. But for users of vi and emacs keyschemes, prefix keys should work too. They’re just shortcuts to what you have described.

See base.lisp:

 96:       "M-1" (read-from-string "nyxt/mode/repeat:repeat-key")
 97:       "M-2" (read-from-string "nyxt/mode/repeat:repeat-key")
 98:       "M-3" (read-from-string "nyxt/mode/repeat:repeat-key")
 99:       "M-4" (read-from-string "nyxt/mode/repeat:repeat-key")
100:       "M-5" (read-from-string "nyxt/mode/repeat:repeat-key")
101:       "M-6" (read-from-string "nyxt/mode/repeat:repeat-key")
102:       "M-7" (read-from-string "nyxt/mode/repeat:repeat-key")
103:       "M-8" (read-from-string "nyxt/mode/repeat:repeat-key")
104:       "M-9" (read-from-string "nyxt/mode/repeat:repeat-key")
127:       "1" (read-from-string "nyxt/mode/repeat:repeat-key")
128:       "2" (read-from-string "nyxt/mode/repeat:repeat-key")
129:       "3" (read-from-string "nyxt/mode/repeat:repeat-key")
130:       "4" (read-from-string "nyxt/mode/repeat:repeat-key")
131:       "5" (read-from-string "nyxt/mode/repeat:repeat-key")
132:       "6" (read-from-string "nyxt/mode/repeat:repeat-key")
133:       "7" (read-from-string "nyxt/mode/repeat:repeat-key")
134:       "8" (read-from-string "nyxt/mode/repeat:repeat-key")
135:       "9" (read-from-string "nyxt/mode/repeat:repeat-key")

Could one of you open an issue mentioning this bug? I can probably fix it soon enough.

A fix should land in the next Nyxt release on Monday.

See mode/repeat: Fix bug. by aadcg · Pull Request #3091 · atlas-engineer/nyxt · GitHub.