How do I upgrade from version 2.0.0?

I just installed Nixos and Nyxt a couple days ago. It may be operator error, but I am having trouble with the basic functionality of Nyxt. For example, from the tutorial, C-l should prompt to enter a url. When I use this command, however, nothing happens except an error message:

“Warning: Javascript error: invalid number of arguments: 2”

This error occurs in response to several commands, in my experience.

I notice that the version installed by the Nix package manager (using the declarative method in the configuration file) is 2.0.0. However, the Nyxt website has updates up to 2.2.3 or so.

Are the versions after 2.0.0 stable/functional releases? If so, is there a way to update/install the latest release of Nyxt by modifying the Nix configuration file? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

The current stable version is 2.2.4, so yes, you are using an outdated version. I don’t use Nix, but there appears to be a build script you might want to look at/modify.

Thanks for the suggestion/information, much appreciated.