Got Demeter... and now what?

Getting Demeter was pretty easy. Now I am the proud legitimate user of a zipped tar file. Now what?

The instructions say “recursively download the repository”. I am competent enough to replace this by “unpack the tar file in the extensions folder”. But then… nothing. I restarted Nyxt, hoping for some message about Demeter being found/recognized. But… nothing. No trace of anything called Demeter inside Nyxt either.

In another thread on this forum, I found some explanations about modifying my ASDF configuration, but since all my Lisp stuff comes from Guix, I guess that’s probably not a good idea. For the same reason, I doubt that usin Quicklisp, as hinted at by the README, would do me much good.

How should I go about debugging this? My main problem is that I don’t even know what should happen. How do Nyxt extensions work? How and when are they detected, installed, activated, whatever? Actually, one reason for getting Demeter was exploring the possibilities for extensions, with the long-term perspective of writing some of my own.


Thank you for purchase of Demeter! It is very much appreciated!

You are right, the directions could use quite some more work…

After you’ve placed Demeter in ~/.local/share/nyxt/extensions/ you’ll want to load it via your init file. To do that you place:

(asdf:load-system :demeter)

in your init file.

Now when you launch Nyxt, the Demeter commands should be available. Please let me know if that helps!

Ahhhh… thanks! Works just fine, looks nice, and functionality is well discoverable (as everything in Nyxt). The search functionality is particularly nice, compared to other RSS readers I have used.


I’m happy to hear that! Thank you for the kind words!