Emacs sort of mode-line idea

I dont use the tabs in the mode-line. (noclue how you call it in Nyxt)
Its a big waste of space for me. I’d rather be able to see all the enabled mode in the current buffer instead.

Im thinking of a sort of Emacs mode-line like. Its clean and everything useful get displayed.

It’d be nice to have an emacs-mode-line option :slight_smile:

Note: About the tabs. For those that like clicking (or ctrl+shift+a). There’s a new search-tab button (pretty sure its new) in the brave-browser-nightly.

It expand in a grid list all the opened tabs. Really clean. With something similar Nyxt could use the tabs space for more useful info, like displaying all the enabled modes in current buffer :wink:

That would be an interesting option (emacs-mode-line). How to configure the status-area (mode-line) is still an area of contention. We are figuring it out.

In the interim you could configure your status-area like this:

(define-configuration status-buffer
    ((style (str:concat 
                 ;; Columns: controls, url
                 :grid-template-columns "120px 1fr 1fr")))))))

(defun my-format-status (window)
  (let ((buffer (current-buffer window)))
     (:div :id "container"
           (:div :id "controls" :class "arrow-right"
                 (markup:raw (format-status-buttons)))
           (:div :id "url" :class "arrow-right"
                  (format-status-load-status buffer)
                  (format-status-url buffer)))
           (:div :id "modes" 
                 :title (nyxt::list-modes buffer)
                 (format-status-modes buffer window))))))

(define-configuration window
  ((status-formatter #'my-format-status)))

With regards to selecting buffers, we already have the button.

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NIce! Thanks a bunch @jmercouris
Feels good to see displayed all the enabled modes :star_struck:

Yes you’re right, I forgot about it. The button is not displayed with the aartaka black theme

However, now its back and the mode-line does have a funky look with your new codes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’ll take it

Very kind of you for the support
Thanks again, very appreciated!

If you update Nyxt, it should look normal again :smiley:

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