Does anyone here maintain the Nyxt Matrix server?

I know this doesn’t directly pertain to Nyxt, but I’ve been trying to join the Nyxt Matrix server located at:, but it seems to not allow for new members to join. I feel like that’s a better place for me to ask questions at the moment, because I’m new to Nyxt, LISP, and keyboard-driven browsers as a whole so I don’t want to flood this forum with daily questions.

If the maintainers of the server are apart of this Discourse group then do you have any ideas on what the issue might be? I can see members, but they all appear offline and my messages, nor any other members, never appear.

Hello @absinthium!

That’s odd that you’re not being able to join the IRC channel. These instructions may help.

The Discourse group and IRC channel are both maintained by the Nyxt team. The bridge to matrix isn’t maintained by us. Feel free to use Discourse for your daily questions. All interaction is welcomed here :smiley:

We don’t maintain a matrix channel, no idea who opened it :open_mouth: