Disable javascript by default

Hello what will be the best way to disable javascript by default and whitelist only trusted sites by a keybind or manually adding it to config.lisp(old init.lisp)
Anyd kind off addblocker build into nyxt yet?

The best way would be setting a default config with noscript mode enabled and then set up auto mode to turn noscript mode on and off on different domains. And yes, there’s a built in ad blocker in blocker mode. It’s not sophisticated but we will be able to run regular Firefox extensions like ublock in the future :slight_smile:

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have a good example to base myself off? about that addblocker is cool in Qutebrowser that is what I been using until I can make the switch to nyxt is also self-made, they changed it recently to use some python addblocker libs from brave browser etc such is enought, I actually rather this than having bloated firefox plugins to be honest.

You should give this article a read, it’s an awesome write-up by @aartaka on what you can achieve with auto-mode.

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Thank you. Is this still good, syntax wise etc for nyxt 3.Ă— ?

AFAIK it’s indeed still valid syntax

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Hello! thanks! I tried a couple options, and well I can’t get to work any of them doing it the simple way( by default ) will do the auto-mode as soon it works in a simple way.

;;; Add block
(define-configuration buffer
   ((default-modes (append '(nyxt/blocker-mode:blocker-mode) %slot-default%))))

this above does nothing
neither do this:

;;; Poner modo oscuro por defecto
(define-configuration buffer
  ((default-modes (append '(nyxt/style-mode:dark-mode) %slot-default%))))

What Im doing wrong? do I need to another wording, something else instead of buffer? or not add “buffer” at all?
I also tried with the nyxt/blocker-mode:blocker-mode with no luck :frowning:
This is nyxt 3.x that I pull from main every day

ok I found this

And has helped me a TONS to figure out things,
and have helped me in general,
I still have issues to get blocker to work correctly(I still see adds)
and non-script to actually block javascript…