Ctrl-x does not work in vi-normal-mode

I only use Vi mode in web mode. It has almost all the emacs bindings but ctrl-x prefix doesn’t work. How should I set it up to work?

(define-configuration web-buffer
  ((default-modes (append '(vi-normal-mode) %slot-default%))))

By the way, ask another question how to automatically switch to vi insert mode after hint link and return to normal mode after link jump.

Here is the generalized approach: find out what C-x is bound to where you expect it to work, then rebind it

You can imagine that having C-x y and C-x both bound are confusing, the system doesn’t know what to do!

As per how to automatically switch for link hints etc, look into using hooks. There are hooks run after each command, if you need more specifics or help with any of the above, please let me know!

ok, I’m not good at common lisp. Can you give me some hook samples? For example, when i enter hint element automatically switch to vi insert mode. And it will automatically switch to normal mode after input.