`copy-username` not working with `pass` anymore?

Hi all,

I use the pass password manager. When @aartaka and @ambrevar first introduced copy-username, it worked properly on my system. However, for the past few days, I have been getting a No username found message after selecting a candidate which I know has worked in the past. Before I try to debug this and/or submit an issue, I’d like to know whether any of you who uses pass could tell me whether they are experiencing the same issue.

Thanks a lot!


Yes, I am getting this too. The log reads

<INFO> [16:28:28] Password saved to clipboard for 45 seconds.
<INFO> [16:28:28] No username found.

Thanks for reporting, this is a bug I introduced in 6f0b9b612fdc996b7020441fa15beb2a504445e4. Should be fixed with 5d50afaf98221bd7e1a5d6e75798519c47fe531e.

Thanks a lot @ambrevar, it is now working :slight_smile: