Bind C-m to RET

I’m trying to bind C-m to RET by adding the following line
"C-m" 'nyxt/web-mode:RET
into my-keymap as suggested in the official doc, but it doesn’t work, I tried both RET, return and newline

'nyxt/web-mode:RET does not exist. Can you point where you saw this in the doc?

While you can use the following syntax to remap the binding of foo-b to foo-b

(define-key keymap '(:remap foo-a) 'foo-b)

we don’t have an easy way to say “act as if I had pressed X instead”.

I suppose that what you want to do here is make a key alias, is that right?
If so, I’ll open an issue on GitHub so that we remember to implement it. Should not be hard.

I mean that the doc suggests defining a minor mode that holds a customized key-map:
A more flexible way is to create your own mode with your custom keybindings. When this mode is added first to the buffer mode list, its keys have priorities over the other modes key bindings.

In this way, I defined several new binding, but cannot find a way to make C-m acts as pressing on Enter. Did you open an issue or shall I do it?

Pierre has opened up an issue here: Add possibility to alias keys · Issue #1249 · atlas-engineer/nyxt · GitHub

Feel free to append to it! :slight_smile: