Back link errors

I’m having a nightmare getting Nyxt going on Manjaro XFCE edition, running StumpWM not XFCE. I could really do with some help, if I can impose on your kind attention. Two AUR packages both fail to build and Quicklisp loads but silently fails to run. Finally tried the binary download (not root-installed, just run from the expanded tarball directory) and that displays the welcome page. Follow the link to choose Emacs bindings (RFE aside: might be nice if they were then shown, or any kind of feedback really), click the back arrow in the toolbar, and… There is no applicable method for the generic function
when called with arguments

What can I do?

Edit: There is now a file ~/.config/nyxt/auto-config.lisp which contains the form


12 times, neatly separated by linebreaks.

I just wanted to post the summarized follow up here from IRC discussion: internal buffers don’t have history and cause a lot of errors :smiley:

This bug is known, and we should probably fix it!

Indeed. Great help from the IRC room. Got me going at last. I am now a Nyxt user.

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