Automated builds of the master branch for Arch Linux

Hello everyone,

I have set up automated build of Nyxt’s master branch for Arch Linux on A new package gets built every day. Please look at the instructions there if you are interested.

For the moment, only the x86_64 architecture is supported. I will add an ARM64 version as soon as it’s possible.



Wow, it’s impressive work, congrats!

Does Nyxt work on ARM64 by the way? Apparently it has issues on i686.

Finally, what about asking an Arch Linux maintainer to adopt Nyxt in the official or community repos?

Do you think this is mature enough to mention it in Nyxt’s README?

Thanks! Sourcehut actually makes it very easy.
I have built Nyxt for my (ARM64) Pinephone running Arch Linux successfully in the past. I haven’t tried recently, though.

Getting Nyxt in the community repo would be nice. We’d need to find a Trusted User who would be willing to do so, though, and I don’t know anyone.

Please wait a little before adding it to the README. I’m new to all this, and I want to make sure it runs smoothly first.

I’ll be away for the next few days but will keep having a look at it every now and then.

@ambrevar are you still an Arch Trusted User? You used to be one, if I recall it right :slight_smile:

Correct, but this was before I moved to Guix :wink: I believe my access rights have been revoked since then (I did formally retire). Anyways, I no longer have Arch and it’d be too much maintenance work for me.

@ambrevar It seems to be working on my machine so far. Do mention my repo/build URL in Nyxt’s if you think it might is useful (unless you think there could be security risks). If it gets used and issues are reported, I’ll try to fix them then.

New page with instructions; Daily Arch Linux builds of <code>nyxt-browser-git</code>

Feel free to include the link in the repository’s

Sorry for the delay, but I’m happy to let you know that I’ve included a link to your link. Thanks a lot for your work in helping distribute Nyxt!

No problem at all, and you’re very welcome! Thank you for your incredible work.

@ambrevar: I have added packages for tagged releases. You might want to mention that in the
README :slight_smile:

aarch64 support soon!


Wow, thanks!
I’ve just updated the readme to reflect this.

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