About an Emacs theme?

So in order to have a little bit of fun I’ve sort of created an Emacs theme for my Nyxt instance. Also played with the status-buffer a bit in order to be able to see every enabled mode in the current buffer. Made possible from the other Nyxt config that has been shared arround from Nyxt users. Thanks for sharing! Here’s my init-lisp file

Anyhow that’s how it looks like:

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Wow, looks Emacsy indeed!

You might be interested in a theming support that was merged recently. Theming is just a couple of lines with it, and it’s backwards-compatible with what you already have!

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a theming support that was merged recently

Nice! Looks much easier indeed and easier to figure what does what. I cant test now because I’ve theme not defined init issue. My Nyxt -v 2.2.3

I changed the screenshot because somehow the background page is white now and it was black before. Im confused as to why tho. Im not a pro like you :slight_smile:

It’s not present in 2.2.3, it will only be available in the next version or if you build from master.

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