A newsletter for Nyxt?


There is a lot of interesting content going on about Nyxt in the articles. And I know there is an RSS reader available. Moreover, there is already a opt-in to insert your email on the download page in order to vote on the future of Nyxt.

But what do you guys think about creating a light newsletter (no spamming and opt-in) to share the new content with the subscribers?

Especially considering the aim to monetize and increase the user base, I think some actions could be done to make the access in general to Nyxt easier. Some people simply do not use RSS readers and they could be interested in getting to know more.

Email is also a new network to share stuff without friction. Some friends forwarded good content for me in the past.

It seems to be something with low cost (like using “Tiny Letter” initially) and with potential benefits. An inviting asymmetry. I am curious about the community’s thoughts on this.

Adding different ways to reach out to our community can be a good idea when it’s in one direction (Atlas → community).

So a newsletter could work.
What would we put in it? A summary of our releases and articles?

We can’t use Tiny Letter because it’s not free software and I don’t want us to depend on something we don’t control. For the lack of 1-click-deployment tool, we would need to work on our own solution. It’s relatively easy to do in Common Lisp I guess. Well, let’s see if we find the time :slight_smile:

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I already wrote the software to do it and integrated it onto the website :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I guess this would be the “minimum/mandatory” content for a project’s newsletter. But we could do more.

Some projects/companies also send good articles related to the topic. For instance, suppose someone on the internet writes a great article comparing 20 different browsers or making a critique about a new feature from Chrome. This content could be also added to the newsletter as “suggestive readings” for the Nyxt users.

I bet you guys (@ambrevar , @jmercouris , @aartaka) already read good stuff about browsers/the internet. It would be just a way to share that knowledge/information with more people.

For instance, few people know about this digital book (@jmercouris told me about it once). I guess many Nyxt users do not know about it and would find it interesting. It is not about Nyxt, but it is around the Nyxt domain.

Great! This was fast :slight_smile:

I am curious to see the code. If it is easy for you, could you give a pointer so that I can see how you did that?

I’m afraid not, it is in a private repository.

By the end of September, almost 4 months after this post, the idea of a newsletter became a reality :slight_smile:

You can find the archives here. Stay tuned!