Visual-mode: mouse-free copy

discussion thread for the article:


That’s pretty cool. On devices with a touch screen, long press on a word enables a selection mode in Firefox and Chrome, but not in Nyxt, so this will be key for those devices when not using a mouse.

I believe it would be better if selecting text below or above the screen limits would automatically scroll. Right now you can’t see what you are selecting unless all the text you need fits wihin the screen.

I wonder if it would be possible to use fuzzy search for setting both ends of the selection too, i.e., type text to select paragraph, then filter start word, then end word? I don’t know if this would really be useful, it would only make sense for words (delimited by spaces) but would be inconvenient for selecting text not delimited by spaces.

With regard to scrolling, that is a good point. I wonder how that would be achieved… It’s a tough problem (we have to both know the direction, and the magnitude of how far to scroll).

With regards to fuzzy search for setting both ends of the selection, I think it would be really cool if we could have something like ace-jump-mode! GitHub - winterTTr/ace-jump-mode: a quick cursor jump mode for emacs

Could work for characters, words, etc. Thanks for the ideas! Stuff to definitely ponder in there!

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