Vimium-like auto follow-link

How would I go about configuring follow-link without enter? In Vimium, all the links in the current window are indexed (not necessarily the page), and when you press something like AA, it simply follows that link (without RET).

I would love to have this configured.

Hello joscho,

this has also been requested on our GitHub. The short answer is; there is no easy shortcut to do this today. Of course it /is/ possible, it is Nyxt after all, but it is non-trivial.

Your request brings to mind a slightly different variation: I would like to approach this from a generalized perspective. How can we make this work, this auto-follow, for ANY command. For example, we could say “if the match is 95% or more certain to be correct, automatically press return”. Or, we could say, “if the user doesn’t type something for 3 seconds, automatically press return”. So, you could use this approach to switch buffers, delete buffers, add bookmarks, etc. We don’t need to limit ourselves to link hints!

What do you think?

Hello. While all this sounds pretty good. Im not sure about the "if the user doesn’t type something for 3 seconds, automatically press return”. Imagine you’re promptly leaving your desk, you comeback and you’re somewhere you did not want to be or something got closed that you didnt want to be closed, etc.

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I agree with you fully, that is a huge problem. I personally do not want the option, but it could be a toggle for those who do :slight_smile:

Also Happy Bilberry Friday!

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Auto-follow hints when matching hint code. · atlas-engineer/nyxt@734e38f · GitHub should do the trick :slight_smile:


For this use case yes, but not the generalized problem :open_mouth: