Vim mode form issues

Hello I’m prob doing something wrong here, I come from qutebrowser because of the vim keys, I just notice 4-5 times already that when I try to log in into a page like a mastodon instance and I press “i” to change to insert mode, it will not… so, I can’t type numbers etc. I have to “manually” press “:” and go into command mode and look for the command vi-insert-mode and sporadically these works and others it does not, is a pain because I always have MFA with a keychain or phone and by the time all this behavior happens I have to re login into my MFA keychain to get another token.

  • So is this broken, or I have to force this somehow? In qutebrowser, when there is a form it auto-goes into insert mode, here even if I press “i” just ignores it. How do I do this?
  • Am I the only VIM user using nyxt? Anyone who uses nyxt as a daily driver uses vim keys?

[update] seems like the autofill-mode mode is enabled by default, not sure if this is the issue but I removed it and so far, seems when I click to toot a new thing on mastodon it changes to insert mode… can this be possible it is the autofill-mode be the issue?

That is highly weird. Care to report it as a bug on GitHub?