Troubles building version 3-pre-release-2 on Nixos

Hello everyone,

as the title says, I am struggling with the installation of Nyxt’s latest version on NixOS. I have already posted an issue on NixOS discourse, but maybe in this site I can get better input, as I have a CL error when building.

I could also repost here the NixOS overlay I use, if needed. Please let me know. Thanks in advance for your comments and help.

I don’t use Nix or NixOS - I’m more of a Guix user myself - but I know there’s some Nix code in the build-scripts directory that could be of some use.

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What I do is use the build-script that @hendursaga elided above. I then compile Nyxt in a nix-shell, and run the nix-shell whenever I want to run Nyxt. That is how I can run the latest version of Nyxt without having to package it for NixOS and/or use an overlay.

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Wow guys, thanks for your replies! Somehow I didn’t get a notification of them. I also found the shell.nix and was trying it out. So the strategy will be to clone nyxt, then compile it inside this shell, and then firing it up every time from this shell?

That is exactly it :slight_smile: