Tab group of each frame

When I search 2 topic, have 2 frame, each frame have 3,4 tab for google result. On Firefox or Qute, I could switch tab already on each windows.
But in Nyxt, all buffer of both are mix together. Is it possible to implement this on Nyxt. I think this feature is pretty necessary!

I’m not sure how practical this would be in Nyxt. Using frames as an abstraction for tab groups makes sense. What happens when you kill a frame? All those tabs disappear?

Ha ha, ofcourse, yes. Just like buffer workspace layout in Spacemacs. I think this is normal behavior which a browser should have. When I search a topic, open 5 tab from a search tab, then I’m done, close that frame, then topic 2, 3 still remain.
That is verry often work follow you and I do everyday, do you? I using Firefox with Vimium C plugin. I could switch left, right tab to travel through tabs in a frame. I use this flow so often, select text with keyboard is so efficient, pop current text to new search, travel back history, … blabla, but something I couldn’t do with Firefox or chrome such as bookmarks manage by keyboard, or highligh keyword … So I put my hope on Nyxt!

Recently, I use Nyxt for searching only one topic, and another topic, I use chrome. When using Nyxt, I really, really miss the function tab group. It help me switch the group of tab in 1 topic. I search 2 topics at the same time. Each topic has more than 10 tab, and when switch tab in Nyxt, it is completely a MESS.
I tried to open multi instance Nyxt but fail, tried to search info about multi instance or multi session, or detect tab open and join them in group of tab root, but it seem out of my ability.
I’m noob at LISP, then I don’t know how possible to implement this kind of function.
I really like the core ideal of Nyxt, using browser without mouse, wonderfull! But the lack of necessary functions could make me never use Nyxt again.
Hope Nyxt will be more complete in the future! I still use chrome with some limited but usable.

I underestand. This functionality just doesn’t exist… sorry about that. Maybe one day as an extension!

Someday, I or someone will implement this. Spacemacs was implement this by Elisp, I think it would be the same with Common Lisp.
I wonder why so few Emacs user talk about Nyxt. I search on google but very seldom talks about Nyxt config. They love config, they love functional programing with Emacs, window manager, Arch, and Nyxt is perfect browser thing for the tinkers. Because Nyxt is too new or immature, isn’t it?

True, Nyxt is still very new and currently a bit rough on the edges.
We are currently in the process of polishing it, so we hope to release something as stable as possible for 2.0!