Sync nyxt annotations with pinephone

Just a thought:

With the advent of the pinephone, I wonder if there is a way to sync nyxt annotations with a pinephone?

The idea came to me from watching an annoying youtube advert for this chrome extension:

I’d be happy to expound on this idea. Just jotting it down here for others to discuss if curious on exploring the idea :wink:

That’s a fascinating idea, thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

do you know what kinds of programs run on the pinephone? what kind of format they would expect? I guess the next step would be for us to write some sort of abstract serialization interface for annotations :smiley:

do you know what kinds of programs run on the pinephone?

A pinephone is just a Linux ARM SOC wrapped in a mobile phone form factor.

So, anything that runs on that will run on the pinephone.

I had installed nyxt on sxmo distro with apk package manager (alpine linux).

Here are just two pinephone Linux distributions for example:

Another pinephone distro
(Mostly all of the nixpkgs package collection is available.)
I’ve installed GNU Guix on Mobian. It works fine. You could also install Nix if you’d like to add more packages/binaries (substitutes) from that ecosystem.

Another pinephone distro: