Some ideas on Webengine support

First of all, I don’t work with native code, so I might be talking nonsense. But, I saw that you are interested in supporting Webengine for nyxt, but I believe you are having difficulties with QT support because of the C++ code.

I recently saw a project on github that is making an implementation of Common Lisp for LLVM, and according to them this implementation brings improved support over libraries written in C++.

If Nyxt used this implementation, would it help you to bring Webengine support to the browser?

The downside of Clasp is that it’s still in development and is in general slower than e.g., SBCL. Let alone locking ourselves to the sole implementation for a specific Nyxt port.

I mean, we could use Clasp if it’s the only option. However, there are other options (non-exhaustive, in no particular order):

  • Chromium Embedded Framework with its C bindings.
  • Binding some other engine, like Servo.
  • Hiring a C/C++ person to quickly make reasonable C bindings for QtWebEngine.
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I vote binding Servo! :sunglasses:

The Servo engine is the best possible bet, we need something different than just Blink, Webkit, Gecko… Not that those last three are bad, of course.

But hadn’t the development of the Servo engine stopped? :thinking:

[H]adn’t the development of the Servo engine stopped?

Not quite, there are still commits being added regularly, it’s just mostly maintenance, sadly.