SOLVED: Can't render *any* website

Hi there,

i sadly can’t render any website with nyxt.
I installed it through nix-shell to try it out and every time i try to load, google or reddit it shows nothing and the in the console i see

Cannot get default EGL display: EGL_BAD_PARAMETER
Cannot create EGL context: invalid display (last error: EGL_SUCCESS)

any idea how to fix this?

How did you install it through the nix-shell? Can you explain? Please provide a paste of the exact command you ran.

You may also try the following in ~.config/nyxt/init.lisp


I don’t believe that


will fix your problem, but just in case…

Hi jmercouris,

thanks for your reply, it did work!
And i just ran

nix-shell -p nyxt
in a shell to install nyxt

Aha, I see. OK So you didn’t really install Nyxt, you just ran it in a nix-shell. Anyways, glad to hear it worked!