Select frame: a new model for interaction

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@jmercouris this is absolutely fabulous! For the expedition mode, just pressing C-s didn’t work for me: I had to select with C-<space> all the links I cared about. Maybe that is because I am using emacs-mode?

BTW, writing this from Nyxt :smiley: I am getting closer and closer to have this browser as my main XD

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That is intended, you are supposed to be able to narrow the selection! I’m glad you like the feature :slight_smile:

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Hey there! Been a minute… Just a thought/suggestion for these posts. Maybe you could throw this up in one of the polls if you don’t have immediate thoughts to change anything.

For myself I kinda feel like these posts could be more useful to the community. First thought being linking to the original article but also copying it in here as well? Instead of just the link.

And/or maybe grouping them? So having similar features grouped into one “master” post, actual nyxt updates in another, etc. In those cases you could do a few things to make it more friendly to that use case as well. Like shifting the post timeline so latest post is at the top and/or pinning the most recent one to the top?

I do understand the thought of wantint to keep each separate to keep discussion clean. So if you all have a hard line on that one cool, but I still think in that case having the actual details (or a summary) would make that system better.

I’m not sure how I would group them. Maybe posts about features vs posts about releases?

Mmmm… Sure, but I think we are on two separate pages. I think you should put ALL posts about features into on single post. Not starting a new one for each new feature article. If that isn’t going go happen I think keeping them all under the articles category is fine.

Ah, sorry, I meant to say thread, I’m not used to the terminology of discourse. I believe we are on the same page.

I wonder if you can copy from GlamorousToolkit: they embed the posts within the welcoming page of the software. (They also contain code you can run in the software itself.)
If you are using Emacs on Linux, you can use this to peek:

(defun fun/make-latest-version-of-GT ()
  "Make latest version of GT."
  (if (file-exists-p "/tmp/myGT")
      (async-shell-command "cd /tmp/myGT; cd */.; ./glamoroustoolkit")
    (async-shell-command "mkdir /tmp/myGT; cd /tmp/myGT; wget; unzip; cd */.; ./glamoroustoolkit")))

It should be easy with Demetra (I didn’t try it yet!), no?