Reorganize links on the Nyxt homepage

Organizing the (many) links on the Nyxt “new buffer” homepage into modular clusters might make it more approachable for new users.
In case it’s relevant, I’m using & referring to version 3-pre-release-1-188-gb0fe741d.

As motivation, here’s one scheme I can think of:

  • Community: {Chat, Forum, Store}
  • Use: {Tutorial, List bindings, Applications}
  • Tweak: {Settings, User Manual}
  • Learn: {Articles, Nyxt Academy}
  • Develop: {Change log, source code, dev manual}

A few thoughts:

  1. “Manual” could do with a less confusing name, to disambiguate from developer manual. Maybe rename to “User manual”?
  2. “Change log” could arguably be relevant to users also, but it’s unlikely to be relevant to a new user who is just trying out Nyxt. The goal here is to keep the “Use” section as clean/minimal as possible to not scare away new usrs.

What do folks think of this?