Remap Scroll keys to arrows

Hey, new to nyxt and have managed to get it configured the way i like with 1 exception. I use the vim mode keybinds and i need to remap jk for scrolling to the arrow keys(I know, but i use a non qwerty programmable keyboard and have the arrow keys in the jkl; positions on a layer). tho less of an issue i am also trying to map visual mode to V but have been unable to get this working.

Here’s something around what you want:

(define-configuration nyxt/web-mode:web-mode
    (let ((scheme %slot-default%))
      (keymap:define-key (gethash scheme:vi-normal scheme)
        "down" 'nyxt/web-mode:scroll-down
        "up" 'nyxt/web-mode:scroll-up
        "V" 'nyxt/visual-mode:visual-mode)

Beware: I haven’t tested it as I don’t (yet?) use VI bindings. I’m pretty sure it does work, though.

ah perfect i think i was defining the config wrong not using nyxt/webmode:webmode. this works exactly as i wanted. Thanks :slight_smile: