Possibly mismatch between online nyxt documentation and 2.2.4 on a bookmark's command binding

In Nyxt browser: Documentation we read:
Bookmark-related commands

  • bookmark-current-url (C-d): Bookmark the URL of BUFFER.

But in my 2.2.4 ‘describe-command’'s prompt-buffer i see:

I guess it’s not a mismatch . Most propably online docs refer to CUA bindings. But i guess for a newcomer could create confusion. The first thing i did when a run 2.2.4 was to set emacs bindings but i had the online doc open as my first tutorial , sth tha lead to others also such confusions . Please make the tutorial more precise in that manner.

Note if you already have Nyxt running, just run tutorial for that. It even refers to the current keybindings according to your config!