Opening hyperlinks from Emacs

I just started using Nyxt and love the concept. I have configured Emacs to open all hyperlinks with Nyxt.

(setq browse-urlbrowser-function 'browse-url-generic
      browse-url-generic-program "nyxt")

Whenever I open a link, Nyxt asks me to select “The name of the history to restore”. I hit escape and the website opens.

How can I remove that step. I have no config file (yet) for Nyxt.

You could create a config file ~/.config/nyxt/init.lisp and then use the following:

(define-configuration browser
  ((session-restore-prompt :always-restore)))

this would /always/ restore your previous session, you could also use :never-restore if you don’t ever want to save/restore it.


Thanks, that worked. Love to learn more about Nyxt and make it my default browser.

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