Nyxt tags syntax documentation

Hi, is the nyxt tags syntax documented anywhere?

nyxt keeps saving only one of my tags and not multiple tags.

I’m not sure if tags should be space separated or comma separated?

I tried both and none of them work.

If I press m l then I see only one tag for any given bookmark.

Any help is much apprecaited.

This is a bit of a silly UI quirk that we haven’t remedied, after you input multiple tags, you have to select them all using M-a in eMacs bindings. Or C-space over each entry you’d like to select. After an entry is selected it’s color will change. I hope that helps!

Thanks that worked but there’s another bug I just discovered:

I tried adding youtube-dl as a tag and it splits it into youtube and dl (two separate tags).

Should I open a bug report for this particular case or is there a way that I can trick the nyxt code that handles that to not separate youtube and -dl?

I don’t know if this is a bug as much as it is a decision about how things should be delimited. I think we consider spaces, dashes, and a few other things. I’ve also thought we should ignore dashes, but I am not sure.

Perhaps use underscores??