Nyxt for windows without WSL

Could you please release Nyxt exclusively for windows without WSL? You have released it for macOS and not for Windows. Why?

Every time I want to use this, I can’t power up a Virtual Machine (switching on WSL will make the VirtualBox fail to start as WSL2 uses fucking Hyper-V) and then use this browser. Windows is the dominating. This browser seems to have a lot of features. I am using qutebrowser now which is on a wide range of platforms. Not everyone uses WSL2. Add support for Windows. You literally ask to support Nyxt by voting and you haven’t even considered Windows users (the majority). Nice.

Dear liwuworyh,

I very much appreciate your enthusiasm! I want you to know that we are not purposely avoiding releasing for Windows! We are doing what we can! If I was knowledgable about Windows, I would have created a port that works :smiley:

I understand your frustration. It would be a huge pain if I had to fire up a VM every time I wanted to use Nyxt. That said, apparently WSLg in the new Windows 10 developer preview is pretty good (I’ve not personally tested it)! Maybe that can hold you over.

If we can get Nyxt to work on Windows, be sure to know that we would not hesitate to make it available! Any help with this regard is greatly appreciated. I’m sure we’ll sort it out eventually!

Your inexperience with Windows shows. :sweat_smile:
Or you didn’t read closely? There are 2 versions of WSL. WSL and WSL2. The OP is saying he can’t use WSL2 because it requires a VM running on top of his VM. (I am in the same boat, but I also have some Linux VMs I can install into.)

WSLg is built on WSL2. So it is a no go for the OP’s use case.

I have no idea honestly. I don’t use windows as I said! :smiley:

thats sad i cant use the browser as a normal people im not an engineer and i know nothing about programming :frowning:

i heard the browser on a video,and think the idea of this app is superb cool,if developer release windows version one day in the future,can you email the users who sign in with email?(like me)

Absolutely, I will be sure to make a large release announcement :slight_smile: