Native nyxt on Windows?

Hi! is there any plan/roadmap to release nyxt native on windows? I’ve been trying to move away from qutebrowser from quite a while, after using in on linux, osx and w10, and this browser seems to be on a whole different level!

We want to have a Windows port, yes. There’s no person on our team that’s an active Windows user (and no one that’s willing to become Windows user either), so it’s quite a low priority for us.

As I’ve already told on Reddit and elsewhere, the biggest problem is getting an up-to-date renderer version on Windows, because:

  • WebKitGTK versions that I was able to find on Cygwin are terribly outdated.
  • CEF/QtWebEngine we don’t yet have Lisp-side bindings for, although they run just fine on Windows.
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@aartaka I can volunteer to give this a try. I am getting a Windows computer within the next week. I will have access to the computer for about a month.

Sure, I don’t see any reason in refusing this to you :slight_smile: