My Bare-Minimum Nyxt Config

When submitting bug reports, to better narrow down where exactly the problem is, it is generally best to try and control for unnecessary variables - in this case, configuration that isn’t needed to reproduce a problem. For almost all of my bug reports, I use the below config, either as-is, or to then tack on to it whatever mode-specific configuration or whatnot I am trying to debug. Most of this minimal config is to adjust irritating defaults. Enjoy!

(in-package #:nyxt-user)

(define-configuration browser
  ((restore-session-on-startup-p nil)))

(define-configuration buffer
  ((default-modes `(nyxt/emacs-mode:emacs-mode ,@%slot-value%))))

(define-configuration document-buffer
  ((search-always-auto-complete-p nil)))

(define-configuration web-buffer
  ((default-modes `(nyxt/blocker-mode:blocker-mode ,@%slot-value%))))
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Nice! Thanks for the concept. Perhaps we should put this in our bug report template? Or somewhere else appropriate, perhaps in the developer README.

Well, I’m pretty sure most if not all the devs use Emacs, so… :smiley:

I actually write all of my code with M-x butterfly.