It looks like nx-tailor and nx-router have been removed from github

The Nyxt extensions nx-tailor and nx-router appear to have been removed from Github by their author, efimerspan. So I took the liberty of creating clones of them from the copies I had locally installed for the convenience of myself and anyone else that uses these them.

clone of nx-tailor
clone of nx-router

I currently don’t have any plans to become the new maintainer for either, so the repositories are read-only archives.

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Thank you! Apparently they have been moved to source hut, so probably we should update the links!

I wasn’t aware of that. I had assumed they were gone for good. In that case, I should probably delete the clone repos so I don’t risk confusing people or taking attention away from the author’s repos or anything like that, right?

I decided to go ahead and delete the clone repos I made. It’s not like I intended to do much with them anyways.

Edit: I think I found the sourcehut repos for nx-router and nx-tailor, so here’s links to both of them to save anyone that needs them a search:

Sorry if I caused any confusion.

Hey, the extensions’ author here. Apologies for the lack of notice on the migration, I didn’t want to say anything before I got the repositories fully set up on sourcehut, which they are now.