Isolating Nyxt questions

Hi guys.

USECASE: I am doing more and more work in the browser and I am starting to need to be logged into multiple identities on single service providers (Google for example). I guess I am going to need to start to look into things like Firejail on LInux to isolate instances properly.

QUESTION: I am looking to move my workflow to Nyxt and try the org mode integration. Can anyone comment how Nyxt handles browser instance isolation? Is this something best handled at the os level via firejail / c groups / selinux or does Nyxt offer any capability of starting instances in their own isolated “profiles”?

By the way, AWESOME rebrand from Next to Nyxt. Very catchy and the logo looks great.



For what you’ve described, nosave-buffers are the best Nyxt built-in tool at the moment. External sandboxing is fine too.

Other internal way would be to define separate data-profiles to store cookies etc. to a different location, but that’s quite a nontrivial hacking, so nosave buffers should work fine, I guess.

There’s also a task on our task list regarding multi-account containers akin to Firfox ones. Once these are implemented, that could be another way to have several accounts running alongside each other.

Aha! Great thanks! I appreciate the information.