How to close the bookmark panel?

Hi guys,

I am running Nyxt from source, using Version 2.1.1-880-g8008ed01. Commit ID 79c5aef9. This is recent on master as of today.

There is a somewhat new feature of show-bookmark-panel . A cool feature, btw.

I can open it. But, I cannot close it. I tried executing the same command again. If I open a new buffer, the bookmark-panel persists.

1 - Is it possible to close the bookmark-panel?

2 - If yes, how?

3 - If no, I suppose this is not a bug. It is the expected behavior with the current code. Thus, should I open a feature request on the possibility of closing it?


1 - Yes, it is possible.

2 - Execute command delete-panel-bufferand choose the bookmark-panel.

Maybe this could be on the manual. I guess the possibilities of panels will only increase in the future. There are already two. I will open a documentation issue about it and send a PR for it soon.

I decided to let the question here, in case others have the same doubt.

Documentation request on GitHub.