How to capture YouTube links at duration!

Thanks a lot for 2.2.1 (and now 2.2.2)! I finally achieved to capture YouTube links :smiley:

Just wrote a blog on how to capture YouTube links at a given time with Nyxt.
This is about Emacs + Org Mode/Org Roam really, but you can copy the code if you are a Nyxt only user:


Thank you for sharing this! This made me trying to inject a data into an Javascript array. Did you this also already?

[Note: the developer console can be opened with (ffi-inspector-show (current-buffer))]

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Or even simpler: (open-inspector)!


Uhm, what do you mean by injecting data in a JS array? I didn’t try that yet!

I have a React/ThreeJS application implemented with Parenscript that shows a 3D path. The data of the path is kept in a line.geometry. I would like to switch the data from the common lisp environment. I thought to have a global JS script variable that I could access with Parenscript, if that makes sense.

Ah, that makes sense. So far I did that in a browser console via JS. For example, I had a script that enabled automatic scrolling for a page, which was defining a function and I could set the speed using a global variable. Now that Parenscript is at hand via Nyxt, I can do that from Emacs :smiley:

A global variable is useful, particularly in development mode! Good idea :slight_smile:

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If you find this idea still interesting, you may want to have a look at the issue discussion refering to the Clog framework on github.