Grant/deny os access isn't remembered across restarts?

Should process-permission-request store and lookup previous answers in a file? Or should it be handled elsewhere? Or is it just a bug that it’s not remembered?

I’m honestly not sure, could you provide more context about what you’re trying to do?

Each time I visit a site which requests e.g. Desktop Notifications, I have to grant. Next time I visit this site, I have to grant again. I’d like for this to be persisted across restarts.

Ah, I see. Yes, that would be nice to have. I wonder if that is a WebKitGTK+ feature. I’ll have to try to see if this is persisted in the most “basic” browser, or even Epiphany (Gnome web).

Didn’t think it could be a feature of WebKitGTK, I just thought we could persist the choice in a hashtable or similar to avoid asking each time.

This is not a feature of WebKit, the docs explicitly state (cannot find the exact reference) that saving the permissions is a responsibility of the browser. See the Save the permission choices per website · Issue #3019 · atlas-engineer/nyxt · GitHub for bug tracking (because it’s a bug alright :slight_smile:)