Google Scholar Annotation Integration

Inspired by the recent post about annotations, I’ve implemented a little annotation-hack to allow annotating papers on Google Scholar:

(which is represented just as another web-annotation in nyxt:)

I find this really useful for research personally, because I often use google scholar to do literature review, and sometimes end up re-reading papers that I’ve read before. With this command, I can effectively annotate the papers directly onto the website and avoid this situation, as well as providing some additional context when looking through papers.

To use it:

  1. I run the add-scholar-annotation command:

  2. I select a paper on the current page that I’d like to write some notes about:

  1. Profit!

(I also add a hook to load buffer, such that whenever I load a google scholar page, I also insert any annotations I have stored for the papers into the DOM).

Implementation here:

Comments/contributions/feedback welcome


That’s incredibly cool! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Great work, man. I am always positively surprised by the expertise and creativity of Nyxt’s users :slight_smile: