Fonts not rendered properly

Fonts are not rendered properly. Please see the image below. Tested fonts

  1. Cantarell Regular
  2. Fira Sans
  3. FiraCode Nerd Font
    (For all (Window Titles, Monospace, Documents, Interface)

OS: Arch Linux (2021.06)
DE: Budgie 10.5.3 with GNOME 40.2.0
WM: X11 (Mutter)

Nothing seems to solve this. Is there any specific issue with nyxt or do I have to use another font?

See the squares at the start of all heading such as Bookmarks etc.

Please suggest a way to resolve this.

Installation: From Souce (since I am using Archlinux)

I’m using Noto, the character that needs to be supported is ⛯

that is U+26EF ‘map symbol for lighthouse’, that should fix things!